so i know it’s pretty obvi (by my lack of bitecon posts) that i wasn’t online the past few days. it was because of family vacation and blah blah blah. i attended bite con yesterday though and i met (YES MET) keahu and the twins!! i’m still crying and i apologize for my inactivity

you can read about that here if you want!!!!!!!



Tyler Posey and Keahu Kahuanui
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Anonymous asked:
I'm just sad because this blog should have been a keahu blog but then you just had to ruin that by talking shit about other cast. Like you could've just ignored them but instead you ruined it and you could've been better but you're not. Keahu would be disappointed in you.

thanks but here’s the thing i really don’t care

it’s my blog i run it and i was answering a question i got asked about like ten times (despite saying i didn’t want to discuss it) so do me a favor and crawl out of my ass okay

and also i was not talking shit i was stating the reasons as to why she’s problematic- and i would also think that keahu would be disappointed if said cast mate talking shit about him, wouldn’t you?